If you are looking for an Ayurvedic treatment for diabetes in Kerala, then you are on the right page. Indian Ayurveda, the traditional Indian life science, encourages people to use naturally available medicines.

Diabetes is a common condition these days and while most people rely on allopathic medicines to help control their blood sugar, there is a more holistic way to check the progression of diabetes — Ayurveda.

ayurvedic treatment for diabetes

ayurvedic treatment for diabetes

Diabetes and  the presence of high glucose levels in the blood is often a growing health hazard that is slowly but steadily engulfing a huge section of the current generation. Ayurveda, the traditional Vedic science of life which advocates an organic and natural healing system, categorize it among the eight dangerous diseases which pose a threat to our body. According to the theories propounded on this traditional science, Diabetes, if acquired as a result of poor lifestyle and unhealthy food habits, usually cannot be cured. However, it may be controlled and curbed from creating further havoc if healing therapies, recommended by Ayurveda as well as practiced in clinics offering the therapy facilities, are followed.

Ayurveda treatment is believed as the oldest treatment in the world. The current synthetic lifestyle of modern man has led to many health hazards. The stress and strain of day-to-day life is a major factor for many chronic diseases.

The Curse of Diabetes

Diabetes tends to have a dangerous impact on internal organs if not diagnosed on time. Moreover, immediate treatment is absolutely necessary in the absence of which critical organs like heart, kidney, eyes, skin, nerves and joints begin to get dysfunctional. Some of the common organ failures that occur as a result of being diabetic for a prolonged period include Diabetes retinopathy a condition resulting in partial or complete loss of vision and Diabetes neuropathy, a condition in which nerve damage occurs.

Ayurvedic Treatment Centres in Kerala

Kerala has a long history of a deep association with the traditional science of Ayurveda. It is the only state in India that practices Ayurveda like a principal method of treatment for virtually any disease and not instead option. History reveals the particular presence of Ashta Vaidyas, the traditional Ayurvedic doctors whose family have provided treatment for the whole state for several years. Moreover, its conductive climate as well as rich natural resources make Kerala the best option for Ayurveda’s healing touch. It is to Ayurvedic centres in Kerala; therefore, that particular would turn to while seeking respite from the menacing grip of diseases like Diabetes.

Kandamkulathy Ayurveda Hospitals & Resorts

Kandamkulathy Vaidhyasala which is having 150 years of tradition in the field of ayurveda are very much committed in providing benefits of ayurveda to the public. Currently Kandamkulathy Vaidhyasala has 05 ayurvedic hospitals and 01 ayurvedic resort in Kerala and an ayurvedic manufacturing unit which produces around 600 ayurvedic medicines. The hospitals are located in the respectively in the location.

Kandamkulathy Ayurveda Hospital Ernakulam

Kandamkulathy ayurveda hospital in Ernakulam is situated in the middle of the city having 03 treatment rooms. The hospital has provision for all ayurvedic treatments which can be done on day to day basis as outpatient treatment. The hospitals have service of specialized ayurveda doctor and an in house ayurvedasala.

diabetes treatments in kerala

diabetes treatments in kerala

Kandamkulathy Ayurveda Hospital Mala

Kandamkulathy ayurveda hospital in Mala is situated in a small village. The hospital is personally supervised by chief doctor Dr. Rose Mary Wilson. The hospital has 03 ayurvedic treatments rooms with a provision of all ayurveda treatments. Mala hospitals have 09 rooms with a mix of 05 doubles and 04 single rooms.

Kandamkulathy Ayursoukhyam Ayurvedic Resort

Kandamkulathy ayursoukhyam ayurvedic resort which is located in the middle of herbal gardens by the side of the river with 14 well appointed cottages. Ayursoukhyam is a mysterious land blessed with silver rivulets, enchanting greenery and soothing air with a picturesque landscape provide a authentic ayurvedic resort for healing.